Sofia Del Terra

"Science says the body is a machine
the church says the body is a sin
advertising says the body is a product
The Body says: I am a Fiesta"
- Eduardo Galleano

 Most of my friends agree that I'm the lost lovechild of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Smart, sensual, joyful and grounded all in a 5'2" brunette bombshell. I'm passionately interested in life:  human nature, the body, history, poetry and literature, sustainable agriculture, evolutionary biology, natural sciences, economics, food, music. I'm a sensualist, an ethical hedonist, biophile and a devotee of questions. You could describe what I do in many different ways: inspired bodyworker, muse, sacred intimate, confidant, undercover priestess.

Sensual Ceremony and Tantric practice have been the most powerful influence in my spiritual evolution. The practices that I have learned and make a part of my life allow me to rest deeply in my humanity... my senses, my emotions, my desires and to be generous, compassionate and awake in them. I'm definately not a "guru". I'm a passionate student and I'm here to facilitate a direct experience of the teachings I've been given. The bodywork and Sensual Ceremony I do come from a place of overflowing abundance and joy.

Some of my training
8 months of massage training with an accredited school
additional training in Breema, Thai massage and aquatic bodywork
Certified Tantric Healer through the Divine Bliss School of Tantra
10 day live in apprenticeship with Bast of Dakini Temple named "San Fransisco's best tantra teacher" by the San Franisco Bay Guardian
10 day Pelvic-Heart Integration with Jack Painter
Exploring the Yoniverse and private empowerment with Shakti Shen
Touch Proffesional training with Betty Martin
Apprenticeship and private teaching with Sol Ra in Daoist energetic cultivation
Orgasmic meditation and lots more with One Taste